Biogas and Biomethane
Worldwide recognized renewable source
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Worldwide recognized renewable source

Anaerobic digestion is a complex biological process through which the organic substance, in the absence of oxygen, is transformed into biogas.

It is a renewable source recognized all over the world, and with low polluting emissions (greenhouse gases).

Biogas is actually a mixture of gas, whose composition varies depending on the substrates introduced and the technology used for fermentation.

We can summarize the composition as follows:

Biogas can be transformed into electricity, thermal energy, or purified to obtain up to 94-96% methane and be used for the same applications as it were natural gas:

Biogas Biometano

Investing in a plant for the production of Biogas (electric and/or upgrading Biomethane) and understanding which is the best and most profitable use is not always easy;

We offer consultancy services for the entire biogas and biomethane supply chain, starting from the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, drawing up accurate and dedicated feasibility plans and assisting the company both in the choice of technologies and during the construction of the plant (works management, security, testing) as well as in its management.

We do not pre-package the projects, but we help the client choose the most suitable plant for its needs.


  • Applications for connection to the electricity and gas networks;
  • Identification and sustainability of the project;
  • Authorization and Variant Procedures;
  • SWOT analysis: plant strength and weakness;
  • Economic-financial feasibility study;
  • Investor search;
  • Preliminary and executive design;
  • Plant choice;
  • Works management (with issue of certification for correct execution);
  • Optimization of the feeding tables;
  • Administrative management (with proprietary software).