Olive residues, tomato peels, grain milling wastes, fruit and vegetable wastes or by-products of animal origin, can feed a biogas plant, allowing savings on feed costs and helping the environment thanks to their energetic valorization.




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IGW purchases by-products and manages the energy optimization service


Certificate of Conformity – Traceability of the by-products supply chain for energy use


For the use of by-products it is necessary to keep the following documents in the plant:

  • By-product supply agreements;
  • Documentation related to the traceability of the by-product;
  • Analysis carried out on incoming by-products;
  • Transportation documents and purchase tax documentation;
  • Plant feed registers (if required for authorization).

To guarantee regulatory compliance and the quality of the by-products we market, we introduced a Traceability Manual annually validated by an Independent Body.

In 2017, our clients produced about 50,500 MWh using by-products.

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