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Valorizing the by-products of the agricultural and industrial sector, pulling them from disposal is an opportunity that the sector must seize, both for the business and environment economy.

In recent years, the legislation clarified this issue, and with the support of our experience we assess the waste of agricultural and industrial productions to find the best way to reuse a production that in Europe is estimated to be around 300 million tons / year (source Federalimentare 2010).

These by-products have:

  • nutritional
  • chemical
  • energy
  • and agronomic properties

In 2017 we marketed over 75,000 tons of agricultural and industrial by-products, giving not only an energy value to these biomasses, but subtracting them from the amount of CO2 issued in the case of disposal.

Attestato di Conformità – Tracciabilità filiera dei sottoprodotti per uso energetico

The by-products are marketed with our brand ® and are selected and managed according to the Traceability Manual verified by an Independent Body

Ask for the inspection of one of our technicians for the verification and characterization of your by-products

Chiedi il sopralluogo di un nostro tecnico per la verifica e caratterizzazione dei tuoi sottoprodotti